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Win Worley, was the pastor of Hegewisch Baptist Church of Highland, Indiana where it remains to this day . In the late 60's, Pastor Win Worley a Ordained Baptist Minister came face to face with the Hosts of Hell and the reality of demon spirits and our authority to cast them out. In 1970, these accounts of casting out evil spirits in a church Body Ministry began to spread all over the United States and overseas into many foreign countries.

Pastor Worley began to document his experiences and the knowledge he would gain so as this information could be used by the body of Christ to effectively wage war against Satan and his kingdom.

What ensued was the writing and release of 14 Books, 50 Booklets and hundreds of hours of audio and video teaching which in the opinion of many is the greatest extra-biblical collection of information available anywhere on the subject of deliverance.

His books include:

Battling the Hosts of Hell – Diary of an Exorcist (1976), has been translated into Spanish, German and French. Conquering the Hosts of Hell – An Open Triumph (1977); Demolishing the Hosts of Hell-Every Christian’s Job (1978); Annihilating the Hosts of Hell – The Battle Royale, Books 1 & 2 (1981); Eradicating the Hosts of Hell-Uprooting the Hidden Enemy (1983); Smashing the Hosts of Hell – The Believer’s Privilege (1983); The Alcoholic Syndrome (1990); Grappling with the Hosts of Hell – The Warfare Today (1991); Freedom from the Hosts of Hell – A Promise for Believers (1991).

In addition to pastoring the Hegewisch Baptist Church, the Win Worley traveled thousands of miles across the country and overseas to introduce and demonstrate the deliverance ministry.

Pastor Worley appeared on many TV and radio talk shows in various parts of the country as well as spoke in meetings, in churches, Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowships, seminars and camps in a number of states and overseas.

Pastor Worley, a native Texan, was  an ordained Southern Baptist minister and began pastoring churches in 1947. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, Texas; Master of Arts Degree from Northeastern Illinois State University, Chicago, Illinois; and extensive additional graduate work at several other colleges and universities. He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary from 1951-1953.

Late in 1970 the ministry of deliverance was introduced in the Hegewisch Baptist Church by Pastor Worley. Within a year, an amazing 1,000 first time visitors were streaming into the small church annually, although there was no publicity except word-of-mouth. Since that time, there has been no slackening in the flow of visitors coming from around the world to receive and learn to minister deliverance from evil spirits.

In 1996, Michael Thierer took the helm at the Hegewisch Baptist Church.  Pastor Thierer was a resident member of HBC since joining in 1979.  In addition to teaching throughout the United States, Pastor Thierer has traveled the world ( Australia, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamacia, Canada, Africa, Europe, Indonesia, Borneo, Malaysia…) teaching the multitudes about who Jesus is and the freedom that can be enjoyed through the Deliverance Ministry and a right relationship with their Savior!  Pastor Thierer has kept HBC on the same course that Pastor Worley had it on.