Grappling With The Hosts of Hell (1991)

Grappling the Hosts of Hell
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Others, driven by the forces of darkness, daily hurl curses our way. Some misguided souls even think they do God a service by cursing us. We are bent but not bowed. We have been scarred and suffered casualties but are still in the battle (Psalm 109).

We have successfully resisted the determined attempts of infiltration by witches and the blustering, blundering arrogance of those who have come in to “correct our many errors.” Pompous brainless wonders of both male and female gender have attempted this.

They have several things in common: no experience or real know-how, an enormous ego and a carload of Bible ignorance big enough to sink a battleship. They have no credentials except their inflated gall and confidence in their imaginary gifts and abilities.

Rumors of the demise of Win Worley and Hegewisch Baptist Church are greatly exaggerated! In a time of vicious onslaught, which has caused so many real deliverance works to compromise and others to flounder and collapse, we are still holding fast. The vision remains firm and the enemy is paying dearly for every skirmish and engagement.

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