Deliver Us From Evil - Basham

Deliver Us From Evil - Basham
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The idea of demons or demon possession was, to pastor Don Basham, far-fetched. But when members of his congregation started revealing problems that were strangely unresponsive to traditional Christian answers, he was forced to take a closer look.

Deliver Us from Evil is the captivating account of Don Basham's journey from disbelief in the existence of demons to acceptance of their reality. This is more than a good detective story and more than the triumphant testimonies of ordinary people released from evil spirits. It is a compendium of Bible teaching on warfare and evil spirits, as well as the biblical conditions for deliverance, how to pray for deliverance, and how to protect oneself against demonic invasion. Deliverance is more than freedom from evil; it is delivery into the freedom to love and serve the Lord.

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