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A complete set of all of the booklets by Win Worley. 


Devilish Side of Sex, Battling Witchcraft, The Deadly Dangers of Witchcraft, Warfare Prayers, Curses, Soul Ties/Binding & Loosing, Invading Enemy Territory, Doctors, Demons & Medicine, Inviting Demonic Attack, Holding Your Deliverance, Children & Deliverance, Getting Started in Deliverance, Mind Control, Schizophrenia, God’s Plan for Leadership, Demonic Deception, How Demons Operate, Curse of Jezebel, The Satanic Cosmos, Leviathan, Roman Catholicism, Warfare Scriptures, Sins of the Fathers, End Time Mind Control, Fragmented Soul, Principles of Deliverance & Mass Deliverance, Proper Names of Demons, Seducing Spirits, Evil Spirits in the End Times, Schizophrenia/Agoraphobia, Alcoholic Syndrome 1-3, Eternal Life/Desperate for Help, Curse of the Vagabond & Why Deliverance Takes So Long?, Wounded/Bruised Emotions & Balancing Love & Discipline, Recognizing Demons & Rejection from the Womb, Christians Can Have Demons, Idols & Images, Curse of Frightened Leaders, Witchcraft Working in the Church, Evil Spirits of Arrested Development, Deliverance Heals!!, Rejection & Bitterness, Dodging Those Sex Hooks, Maimed by Shame, Slothfulness in the Camp, The Abominations of Idolatry, The Scandal of Child Abuse, Mental Illness or Demons?

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